I find it funny how, everyday you’re surrounded by complete strangers, all of which have different dreams, thoughts, and problems. However, you never find out about any of these, simply because we’re scared to speak to people who are the same as us

Love is you

Girls standards of love is ridiculous Love to me is your sweet sweet smile. Its the blowing up of the phones when we know we are both busy. It’s the positive outlook you give me on life, how nothing is so bad and everything will be okay in the end. It’s picking each others nose. It’s the way we can’t stay mad at each other and end up just laughing at each other. It’s the fake cry you do when I don’t kiss you that makes me laugh so hard. It’s being a 100% comfortable around each other; peeing on the phone, sending ugly snap chats, acting like complete weirdos together, laughing so hard being on the verge of tears, staring at eachother making weird faces. It’s screaming for no reason and singing in the car: even though I always turn off the radio when you start singing, I just like hearing your voice. Love is the way you make me feel when you look at me; a way I’ve never felt before and I never will. It’s making each other better people and pushing each other to be better. It’s the indescribable feeling I get whenever I see you. It’s teasing each other and non stop laughing. It’s how we can say nothing and just look in each others and know exactly what the other is thinking. Oh my god it’s your eyes; a beautiful green blueish with yellow, that I can get lost in for hours. Love to me is your family I love your family and they raised you to be the wonderful person you are. Love is the crazy things we do together and the situations we get in but just laugh about it. Love is no matter how bad we may bicker at the end of the day it doesn’t matter cause we are both so crazy about eachother. Love is your hugs that I can feel your love and feel how much you really do care about me. It’s your smile, so genuine. A smile that shows me how happy you are and how happy it makes me that you are. Love to me is falling asleep nose to nose in the middle of a conversation. Its all your ticks and habits. It’s playing lacrosse in my back yard and tackling eachother. It’s cooking breakfast for dinner for my family. It’s hanging out with you and your friends. Love is the invincible feeling you give like I can do anything. It’s the constant reassurance you give me that everything will be okay. Love is what I feel when I’m with you. Love is how I fall more and more for you each day. Love is you.