Just a thought

Don’t let society, social media, the “worlds” thinking and standards define how you act, treat people, or handle relationships. Why live up to these fake “standards” that someone’s mind completely made up. Movies and shows are for entertainment not to base your life after? We spend our time trying to be something we aren’t. If we never had accounts like “common white girl” “relationship goals” “hopeless romantic” or even social media in general. We’d all be completely different people. We enjoy the things we love, rather than just getting it to take a picture. Our relationships would be genuine and not only tryin to make people jealous of it. We’d spend more time with the person and not just the image of the person. We live in an era that thinks “if you didn’t take a picture it didn’t happen” which I find absurd. Most of the best moments that has happened to me I don’t have a picture of. Simply because I’m enjoying the moment and taking a picture to show everyone is the last thing on my mind. Don’t let the world steal your personality. I know it’s hard in this messed up world we live in but we need to learn to find ourselves. Just a thought.

Just jump

"I don’t know what you want me to tell you. All I know is that every time I’ve been faced with a tough decision, there is only one thing that out weighs every other concern. One thing that would make you give up on everything you thought you knew: every instinct, every rational calculation."

"Some sort of virus ?"

"No… Love….
Listen, what ever happens you gotta forget all the other stuff. You gotta forget about logic and fear and doubt. You just got to do everything you can to get to the one person whose going to make all this worth it. At the end of the day you have to jump.”